The Pawn Who Would be Queen is a fascinating and wonderfully written story told by the coach of a small private school in Alabama that assembled a chess team that went on to win the both the state and national championship. It is a must read for anyone...who is interested in learning how to overcome obstacles. -Winston Groom, author of Forrest Gump

The Pawn Who Would be Queen... provides a comprehensive match by match account of a chess coach’s efforts to build a strong competitive scholastic chess team...Nager recounts the challenges, mistakes, and setbacks involved in building a consistent program. The ultimate goal was – and is – to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in life. -Jerry Nash, National Chess Education Consultant, Chess in Schools LLC

The Pawn Who Would Be Queen is a very inspiring success story of a scholastic chess program in Alabama (which is known more for college football and not so much for chess) which was built by a very passionate and dedicated chess coach. A must-read for anyone who aims to start a brand new chess program. –Susan Polgar, first female grandmaster, World & Olympic chess coach at Webster University.







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